Jack of all, master of none  IS A MISCONCEPTION 
Jack of all, master of some  SHOULD BE THE NORM 

We work on solving various business problems using diverse technologies. One does not need to master everything to build quick viable solutions. Our knowledge of core technologies allows us to provide unique and scalable solutions while being a jack allows us to provide solutions for edge case business scenarios. We constantly transition from being a jack to masters of new and exciting things on the technological landscape. Being a jack of many, master of SOME should be the norm.

Mehul Thakkar, Founder

We automateanalyseinnovateevolve using technology

Allow us to be a part of your growth.
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Learning Section – because learning comes first
In your learning, lies your growth. In your growth, lies our happiness.

Core Excel Certificate Course

It's about time you overcome all your excel struggles. Learn the core excel features that are used across organisations and departments. It's your time to gain from our years of experience having trained 10,000 students

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Internship with us ( with your JOB )

We know you love to learn. We also know that job comes with time constraints. Thus, we offer you internship that you can do with your job. We will mentor you through some of our projects and give you research topics.
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Services that we provide with our expertise and love for problem solving

Analytics & MIS

From simple Pivot based analysis to entirely automated self-serviced Business Intelligence tools. We build what the clients need.

Automation & RPA
Excel Automation like Auto e-mailer to complex Robotic Process Automation. We have got it all type of automation.
Analytics Dept Setup
We assist clients  to build Business Analytics Dashboards and also set up entire Analytics department.
Technology Training

Excel & Power Bi to VBA, DAX, Power Pivot and Power Query, we have trained 10,000 professionals in 6 years.

Financial & Digital Forensics

We dig into the financial books, systems and find evidences which would otherwise get lost in the noise of data & systems.

AI & ML Solutions

We don't advise AI & ML just  because its the trend. Only when its really needed, we develop a mixture of AI&ML with API based scalable services.

Website & Apps

Designing sites, web apps and landing pages best suited as per your business and product to bring the best experience to your customers.


We provide various courses + hybrid of online and instructor led training through our e-learning website with community interaction features.

Consulting Services

Consulting for all your business problems, from knowing whether something is possible using tech to creating relevant infrastructure.