Awesome Analytics founded by Mehul Thakkar is a team of goal oriented and highly driven professionals helping business with Data Analysis, Report Automation, Web Development, Consultancy and customized solutions. We leverage technology to assist businesses to derive insights that assist in business decision making. 

Change the way we conduct businesses using technology. 

  • Become one of its kind firm offering deep portfolio of Technology + CA Services
  • Be among the Top 10 quality product and service provider in each area of our businesses. 

  • Nurture businesses by understanding their needs like a business owner and not as a service provider with only technology knowledge.
  • Lead a team of tech enthusiast professionals  to provide innovative solutions thus solving unique business challenges of our customers.
  • To ensure each of our customers are spending their working hours executing critical and intellectual tasks that matter, while automating the mundane.
  • Ultimate goal is for the businesses to become a 4 hour work day enterprises with zero loss of work.

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About the Founder

Mehul Thakkar


Teacher | Mentor | Friend | Adviser | Programmer | Writer | Traveler | Dreamer | Achiever | Philosopher

Founder of Awesome Analytics, professional services business dedicated to make lives better by automating various tasks and Reporting Tools like Excel, Power BI

Founder of Awesome Excel, an e-learning portal dedicated to educating users to make their lives richer with knowledge

I am a person who would write a piece of code and make my systems do all the work while I sit back and enjoy reading a book. After all, computers were invented to do your work, not the other way round. I strongly believe in this thought:

Automate your work, Elevate your life

Mehul Thakkar- Developer


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