Application for Learning program
"Lets make each other Awesome"

About the internship

  • You can do this with your existing job
  • We are not charging any fees, what you and I pay is - time.
  • We have trained 10,000+ people so far, we would like to do more, thus this internship was born
  • You shall be provided with examples to solve and enhance knowledge on specific topics
  • The topic selection is in the form, it represents starting points of your journey, as we progress you shall get an option to level up
  • Tentative duration shall be minimum 2 months
  • You shall write articles on your learning or observations from particular topic of research. Research is a more serious role involving in-depth learning (shall be assigned to selective candidates at advanced levels only)
  • You shall be classified into batches basis the information filled in your application form
  • Regular communication for tracking your progress shall be held for batches to ensure learning in the right direction
  • Reasonable time to complete assignments or articles on your learning topics shall be provided
  • If participation of the member is not up to the mark or casual approach is seen then the seat shall be provided to a more deserving candidate and member shall be removed without notice
  • If any of the details filled in by you are found to be inaccurate or misleading at any point then you shall be removed from the group
  • We are accepting invitations till 21st Sep 2020 for the current batch. Others can register and shall be considered for future batches or if an existing member vacates the seat
  • Awesome Analytics may be sharing its confidential datasets, material and technical know-how during the course of your internship, thus to safe-guard organisational interest an NDA protecting the IPR for above shall be required to be signed. This is common practice in the industry.